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Sometimes, a criminal defense lawyer's job is to tell people the defendant's side of the story. Along with protecting a client's constitutional rights and building a technical defense, "telling the story" can be a defense attorney's most valuable tool.

Once you are caught up in the criminal justice system, no one else is interested in the defendant's version of events, and it is your defense lawyer's responsibility to make people interested — whether it's the prosecutor or the jury in a trial.

"Telling the story" — or showing all the causes and effects of an event — is especially important during defense of a violent crime such as assault or homicide. But in order to tell the story, we first have to conduct an investigation to find out what all sides of the story are:

• Are any witnesses telling the truth?
• Are there other explanations for physical evidence?
• Does the alleged victim of an assault charge have reason to exaggerate?

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As part of building a defense to a violent crime charge, these questions must be answered in addition to reviewing police procedures during the arrest and investigation — because our other job is to make sure your constitutional rights as a criminal defendant are protected during every step of the process.

A Hands-On Criminal Defense Attorney
At the law office of Michael A. Catalano, P.A., we conduct hands-on and extremely thorough investigations on behalf of all of our clients — and we know how critically important our investigation is when we are building a defense for a client charged with a violent crime.

Protecting Your Public Reputation
Criminal defense lawyer Michael A. Catalano has built a hard-earned reputation as a defense lawyer who understands the special needs of professional people who get charged with violent crimes. Our law office has represented doctors, lawyers, businesspeople and police officers who have been caught up in the criminal justice system — and we understand that our clients need our help protecting their professional reputation as well as protecting their rights and their freedom.
A criminal conviction — especially for a violent crime — can have a permanent impact on a career and on a family. We strive to keep our investigation and the fact of the criminal charges out of the public eye as much as possible, and we work with our clients to soften the negative impact of any unavoidable publicity.

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1353 NW 16 St. Miami, FL 33125, 1353 NW 16 St. Miami, FL 33125, Michael A. Catalano, P.A.
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