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When a police officer gets in trouble with the law, the consequences can be much more severe than for the average citizen.
Police officers are charged with protecting the communities in which they serve, and any hint that an officer may have violated the law him- or herself is usually met with extreme criticism from the public and the media.

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Police officers who face criminal charges or administrative hearings for misconduct also face the very real possibility of losing their jobs.

Any charge of police misconduct is extremely serious, and the process of selecting a defense lawyer to handle a criminal case involving a law enforcement officer should be taken seriously as well.

Miami criminal defense attorney Michael A. Catalano frequently represents police officers in charges of criminal misconduct. Our office handles administrative hearings, civil suits and defense of criminal charges involving allegations like:
• Police brutality or excessive force
• Falsifying police reports
• Improper sexual conduct

You can learn more about cases in which attorney Michael A. Catalano has represented police officers in criminal proceedings on the Representative Cases page of this Web site. Our law firm has also been featured in news coverage of high-profile criminal cases.

Our office also represents police officers charged with off-duty criminal acts, such as:
• Domestic violence
• Violation of restraining orders
• Car accidents
• DUI arrests
• Theft
• Drug offenses

Protecting Your Innocence, Your Rights and Your Job
At the law office of Michael A. Catalano, our practice centers on providing legal representation to professional people — including police and others who work within our legal system. We consider it an honor to represent police officers and other officials when they get caught in the system they are sworn to uphold.

We use all the legal tools at our disposal to protect your rights and build a strong defense on your behalf. At the same time, we work tirelessly to help you protect your professional reputation and your career.

Confidentiality ∙ Discretion ∙ Professionalism
We have seen firsthand how confusing and frustrating it can be for a police officer to find himself on the outside of the criminal justice system he is used to working within. Having an experienced and confident advocate at your side to tell your side of the story can help ease that confusion.

We are always available to give free initial consultations to law enforcement officers who need confidential advice regarding a criminal matter.

For a prompt response any time of day or night, call (305) 325-9818 or send us an e-mail.

1353 NW 16 St. Miami, FL 33125, 1353 NW 16 St. Miami, FL 33125, Michael A. Catalano, P.A.
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