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Our Criminal Defense Law Practice

Miami, Florida, and Statewide
The law office of Michael A. Catalano, P.A., focuses on providing high-quality legal services in the field of State and Federal criminal defense. Many of our clients are professionals who have sought us out because of our reputation for discretion and commitment to our clients' best interests.

We Take on All Types of Criminal Cases
Attorney Michael A. Catalano is licensed in both state and federal court, and he has significant experience defending clients against a wide range of criminal charges. Within criminal law, we have a particular focus on — and recognized knowledge of — DUI defense work.

On our Web site, you can get more information about our criminal defense practice as it relates to the following types of criminal charges:

• Violent crimes and homicide
• Federal Offense (info coming soon)
• DUIs
• Felony DUIs
• Driver’s license suspension hearings
• Police misconduct cases
• Sexual assault
• Drug crimes
• Mortgage fraud

We Are a Full-Service Criminal Defense Office for Professional People
When a licensed professional — like a doctor, lawyer, judge, nurse or police officer — gets in trouble with the law, there are frequently license board or administrative hearings that go along with the criminal proceedings.

Our law firm handles every aspect of each client's case — including both the proceedings in criminal court and any administrative or disciplinary hearings that grow out of the criminal charge.

We Work To Minimize the Public Exposure of Our Professional Clients
It's an old adage: “Bad things happen to good people.” Many of our clients are licensed professionals whose future business and standing in the community could be greatly impacted by highly public criminal proceedings against them.

Whenever possible, we work to minimize our clients' public exposure. How we do this depends on the specifics of each client's case. One aspect we always address is the possibility of criminal record expungement. We do not consider our representation closed until we have done whatever we can to expunge any criminal charge or conviction from our client's public record, whenever possible.

Confidential and Complimentary Consultations:
At Our Miami Office or Another Convenient Location of Your Choice

We offer free and completely confidential consultations to all new prospective clients. If you are facing criminal charges or disciplinary proceedings, we urge you to contact the law office of Michael A. Catalano today.
For a prompt response any time of day or night, call (305) 325-9818 or send us an e-mail.

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Michael A. Catalano, P.A.
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The law office of Michael A. Catalano, P.A., serves clients in Miami-Dade County and in South Florida communities such as Coconut Grove, Key West, Key Largo, Homestead, Coral Gables, Kendall, Golden Beach, Miami Beach, North Miami, Westchester, North Bay Village, Miami Springs, Pinecrest, North Miami Beach, Hialeah, Gable Estates, Olympia Heights, South Beach, Sunny Isles and Florida City.

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