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DUI cases are the most difficult cases in the criminal area to defend, more so then any other case, a person charged with DUI needs a lawyer immediately after arrest.
The law office of Michael A. Catalano, P.A., located in Miami, Florida, has a long history of defending people who live and work in the Miami area against criminal charges of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Many of our clients are professionals who need more from a DUI/DWI defense lawyer than a quick plea bargain or a hardship driver's license. People with professional jobs in the public eye often turn to us to handle their defense in DUI/DWI cases because we have a solid reputation for combining aggressive defense with discretion on behalf of our clients.

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You Have 10 Days After a DUI Citation
After a DUI/DWI citation, your defense should begin within the next 10 days. Ten days is all the time you have to appeal the automatic driver's license suspension that goes along with any drunk driving arrest.

The amount of time the suspension will last depends on the type of DUI charge, but your defense lawyer needs to get involved as soon as possible to appeal the suspension of your driver's license — to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

We understand that many of our clients wish to avoid the embarrassment of a suspended driver's license. We have a record of success with appeals of driver's license suspensions, but we need to get involved immediately if we are going to be able to help.

We Take a Hands-On Approach to DUI Defense Cases
As with all the criminal cases we handle, we take an extremely active approach to defending against DUI charges. We gather every piece of evidence we can think of, to help us build a strong defense on our clients' behalf.

We take witness statements, document the scene of the traffic stop, examine the maintenance and repair records of any machine used to test blood alcohol content, and review the records of the law enforcement officers who issued the citation.

Our purpose is always to protect our clients' privacy, their constitutional rights and their freedom. We may be able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges or drop them entirely — thus helping our client avoid the spectacle of a public trial. In other circumstances, we will urge our client to go to trial, if we believe the facts are on our side and we can win a not-guilty verdict.

Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer With a Successful Track Record
Attorney Michael A. Catalano is known throughout the Miami-Dade legal community as a fierce and successful DUI defense attorney who understands that protecting a professional reputation may be as important as proving innocence.

Our law office offers free and completely confidential consultations to all new prospective clients, either in our Miami office or at another convenient location that you choose.

For a prompt response any time of day or night, call (305) 325-9818 or send us an e-mail.


1353 NW 16 St. Miami, FL 33125, 1353 NW 16 St. Miami, FL 33125, Michael A. Catalano, P.A.
Michael A. Catalano, P.A.
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